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Use our Yeast Substitution chart to determine the best yeast substitutes for your recipes. Our list is sorted by manufacturer and brewery of origin, when possible.

Popular NameWyeastWhite LabsOmega YeastFermentisOther Dry YeastOrigin (Assumed Brewery)
Chico1056 - American AleWLP001 - California AleOYL004 - West Coast AleSafale S-04BRY-97California (Sierra Nevada)
Weihenstephan3068 - Weihenstephan WheatWLP300 - Hefeweizen AleOYL021 - Hefeweizen AleSafbrew WB-06Germany (Weihenstephan)
German Ale1007 - German AleWLP036 - Dusseldorf AltSafale K-97Germany (Zum Uerige?)
American Wheat1010 - American WheatWLP320 - American Hefeweizen AleSafale US-05America (Widmer?)
London Ale1028 - London AleWLP013 - London AleSafale S-04England (Worthington)
Irish Ale1084 - Irish AleWLP004 - Irish AleOYL-005 - Irish AleIreland (Guinness)
British/Dry English1098 - British AleWLP007 - Dry English AleOYL-006 - British Ale ISafale S-04England (Whitbread?)
Whitbread1099 - Whitbread AleWLP006 - Bedford British AleEngland (Whitbread)
Ringwood1187 - Ringwood AleWLP005 - British AleEngland or Sweden?
Belgian Abbey1214 - Belgian Abbey Style AleWLP550 - Belgian AleBelgium (Chimay)
American Ale II/California Ale V1272 - American Ale IIWLP051 - California Ale VCalifornia (Anchor?)
Thames / Burton1275 - Thames Valley AleWLP023 - Burton AleHenley on Thames
London Ale III1318 - London Ale IIIWLP002 - English AleOYL-011 - British Ale VEngland (Boddingtons)
Northwest1332 - Northwest AleWLP005 - British AleSafale S-04America (Hales Brewery?)
British Ale II1335 - British Ale IIEngland
Belgian Strong1388 - Belgian Strong AleWLP570 - Belgian Golden AleBelgium (Duvel)
Denny's Favorite1450 - Denny's Favorite AleSafale US-05America (Denny Conn
West Yorkshire1469 - West Yorkshire AleWLP002 - English AleSafale S-04
Scottish Ale1728 - Scottish AleWLP028 - Edinburgh Scottish Ale
Belgian Abbey II1762 - Belgian Abbey Style Ale II
London ESB / English Ale1968 - London ESB AleWLP002 - English AleOYL-016 - British Ale VIIISafale S-04
Budvar2000 - Budvar LagerWLP802 - Czech BudejoviceSaflager S-23
Pilsner Urquell2001 - Pilsner UrquellWLP800 - Pilsner LagerSaflager S-23
Gambrinus2002 - Gambrinus Lager
Pilsen / American Lager2007 - Pilsen LagerWLP840 - American LagerSaflager W-34/70
American Lager2035 - American LagerWLP840 - American LagerSaflager W-34/70
Danish / Copenhagen Lager2042 - Danish LagerWLP850 - Copenhagen Lager
Rocky Mountain Lager2105 - Rocky Mountain Lager
California Lager2112 - California LagerWLP810 - San Francisco Lager
Bohemian Lager2124 - Bohemian LagerWLP830 - German Lager
Bavarian Lager2206 - Bavarian LagerWLP820 - Oktoberfest/Märzen Lager
European Lager2247 - European Lager
North American Lager2272 - North American Lager
Czech Lager2278 - Czech PilsWLP802 - Czech BudejoviceSaflager W-34/70
Munich Lager2308 - Munich LagerWLP838 - Southern German LagerSaflager W-34/70
Munich Lager II2352 - Munich Lager II
Hella Bock2478 - Hella Bock Lager
Kolsch2565 - KolschWLP003 - German Ale IIOYL-044 - Kolsch IISafale K-97
Kolsch II2575 - Kolsch II
Octoberfest Lager2633 - Octoberfest Lager BlendWLP833 - German Bock LagerSaflager W-34/70
Staro Prague Lager2782 - Staro Prague Lager
Saison Brett3031 - Saison-Brett BlendWLP670 - American FarmhouseOYL-217 - C2C American Farmhouse
Bavarian Wheat Blend3056 - Bavarian Wheat BlendSafbrew WB-06Lallemand Munich Wheat
Weihenstephan Wheat3068 - Weihenstephan WeizenWLP300 - Hefeweizen AleOYL-021 - Hefeweizen AleSafbrew WB-06
Berliner Weisse Blend3191 - Berliner Weisse BlendWLP630 - Berliner Weisse Blend
Oud Bruin Blend3209 - Oud Bruin Ale BlendWLP665 - Flemish Ale Blend
Lambic Blend3278 - Belgian Lambic BlendWLP655 - Belgian Sour Mix I
German Wheat3333 - German WheatWLP380 - Hefeweizen IV Ale
Forbidden Fruit3463 - Forbidden Fruit
Belgian Ardennes3522 - Belgian ArdennesWLP550 - Belgian AleOYL-024 - Belgian Ale A
Leuven Pale Ale3538 - Leuven Pale Ale
Bavarian Wheat3638 - Bavarian WheatWLP351 - Bavarian Weizen
Schelde3655 - Belgian Schelde Ale
French Saison3711 - French SaisonWLP590 - French Saison
Belgian Saison3724 - Belgian SaisonWLP566 - Belgian Saison IIOYL-500 - Saisonstein's Monster
Biere de Garde3725 - Biere de GardeWLP072 - French Ale
Farmhouse3726 - Farmhouse AleOYL-042 - Belgian Saison II
Flanders Golden3739 - Flanders Golden Ale
Roeselare Blend3763 - Roeselare BlendWLP665 - Flemish Ale Blend
Trappist High Gravity3787 - Trappist Style High GravityWLP530 - Abbey AleOYL-028 - Belgian Ale W
Belgian Dark Ale3822 - Belgian Dark AleWLP545 - Belgian Strong Ale
Canadian/Belgian Ale3864 - Canadian-Belgian Ale
Belgian Wheat3942 - Belgian Wheat
Belgian Witbier3944 - Belgian WitbierWLP400 - Belgian Wit Ale
Old Ale9097 - Old Ale Blend
WLP644 - Saccharomyces OYL-200 - Tropical IPA