Pancho's Pumpkin Porter Recipe Kit



It’s that time again. Or may as well be. The holidays are upon us and we’ll soon be in the usual holidaze.

Christmas decorations went up before Halloween was over, frozen turkeys have filled the freezers of grocery stores across the country for weeks, and it seems like all coffee and beer has a bit of extra spice added. What does that mean for you as a brewer? Well, it means that it’s time to stop by the shop often and keep your eyes on your email because Texas Brewing Inc. will have several upcoming sales to meet your brewing needs at a great bargain. Some will be in-shop specials and some will be on our website. And speaking of our new and improved website, we have a Rewards Program that’s designed to help you gain reward points for discounts on products with purchases and reviews that can be applied online for great gifts to ship to yourself or that special brewer in your life. Plus, you can send your loved ones to our website so they can surprise you with something special! Though, why not start the holiday season early by gifting yourself with new gear to brew better beer? Or how about a new ingredient kit to brew and have ready for holiday visitors as gifts or libations? There’s still time! Besides, even without guests, more beer or wine is worth the effort! Remember, you always save money by brewing your own! What else do the holidays mean? That it’s time for a variety of tasty holiday beers! Much like holiday decorations, spiced pumpkin beers, stouts, robust porters, and winter warmers/old ales are filling the shelves sooner than ever. It’s that time of year to be drinking and brewing for the season and colder days of winter. The days are passing quickly, but you could still be brewing a pumpkin pie spiced sweet stout or spiced sweet potato ale now that’d be ready for the end of December. And if you aren’t a fan of the spiced beers, then start thinking about full bodied stouts and porters with satisfying chocolate and roasted flavors that go so well with all those tasty holiday desserts. How about working on an old ale/winter warmer to keep you warm as winter takes over? They may take a little more time to properly condition, but you’d definitely have something young to enjoy by the time those first icy days chase you indoors. Feel like lagering something? Then how about a bock or doppelbock to enjoy in those later days of winter and early spring? Or if you want to try something different, mix up a wine, cider, or mead to age for the next holiday season.
Brew Better Beer: Brewing for the seasons takes advance planning to really have the right beer for the right time. Do you enjoy a rich and malty Oktoberfest/Märzen? To have it ready for the proper time of year, you should be brewing it in the spring rather than the end of summer if you want it properly conditioned. In fact, Märzen means March beer. Want a dark and spicy weizenbock to sip around Halloween? Brew it by August at the latest. How about an serious imperial stout or big, malty barleywine for the winter? Then look well ahead and brew them in January or February so that they will be ready for the next winter. The same goes for strong scotch ales if you want a smooth, sweet, malty goblet full through the holidays and early winter. As long as you can look ahead and plan your brew days accordingly, you can always have the right beer for the right time of year.