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Final Gravity: Episode 2 -- Kveik vs Brett/Abbey Blend and Brandon's Beer Gone Wrong

In this episode, we discuss a Belgian pale style ale that was brewed with Kveik yeast received through a yeast exchange against the same beer fermented with strains of Brett and an Abbey ale yeast, then we go onto a Beer Gone Wrong that Brandon brought in from an impromptu brewday.

Come and Brew It Radio: Episode 114 - Post Bluebonnet 2018 Compendium of Fun

In this episode, we recap some of our experience at the 2018 Bluebonnet Brew Off--including content related to our Omega yeast saison experiment--and we get into the topic that always comes up around BBBO, judging concerns. 

Come and Brew It Radio: Episode 108 -- Muntons Malting and Omega Yeast Brett Blend Saison Tasting

In this episode, we have Ross Hughes the Brewing Sales Executive for the US midwest region for Muntons malting company and we sample the 4 different Omega Yeast Lab based saisons (1 regular and 3 Brett blends) brewed on Learn to Homebrew Day 2017.

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