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Come and Brew It Radio: Episode 137 -- Bluebonnet Brew Off 2019 and Summer Brewing Review

In this episode, we cover one of our favorite events of the year, Bluebonnet Brew Off 2019! Plus, we get into judging and scoresheet interpretation. Then we move onto our annual summer brewing review to get you in the mindset of brewing when it's hot out.

BJCP Secrets of the Grandmaster - The Scoresheet: You are the Judge and Mentor!

When you are an experienced judge, you also have a duty to mentor new judges. Our BJCP Grandmaster James Lallande comments on how to make it a fun and educational session.

BJCP Secrets of the Grandmaster: Suggestion of Alternate Beer Styles

BJCP Grandmaster James Lallande delivers another great message about a trend he sees too often during judging sessions: suggesting the judged style be put in another category.


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