I have been brewing for about 4 years now. During that time, I collected over 80 recipes that I either found or created since starting brewing. And like most of us, I kept them all in Beer Smith, with no other backup. (Do you see where this is going yet?)

Then my hard drive crashed.

The only recipes that were left were the 15 in Beer Smith’s cloud. Thank heaven for that!

Since I lost a lot of my recipes, I had to start over. So, I started at square one by trying out some of the Texas Brewing Inc. all grain recipe kits. The first kit that I wanted to try was the BBQ Blonde Ale kit. Now, smoked beer is not for everyone. But staff member and Come and Brew It Radio regular Mikey Brown had me try his Gratzer a few months prior to my choice and I loved it. Since then, I was hooked on Smoked Beer.

Before the brewday, the first thing I noticed with the BBQ Blonde was when I was filling the grain bill. The Cherry Smoked Malt smells just like Texas barbecue. I mean, amazingly so! The entire time I was brewing it I was craving brisket and ribs. Some friends came over and were astounded at the barbecue smell of my beer. We all wanted BBQ! The next 3 weeks of waiting for fermentation to complete were pure agony, trying to patiently wait for this amazing brew to be ready to consume.

Finally the day came to try it out and I was not disappointed. Several of my friends came over to try this amazing smoked concoction and were also extremely impressed. Everyone concurred that this is the ultimate beer for Texas barbecue and a great start at rebuilding my recipe collection. If you have not tried this beer at the shop or brewed the all grain recipe kit or extract with specialty grain recipe kit yet, my advice to you is, JUST BUY THE KIT! You will NOT be disappointed.







Eric is a service manager for a Building Automation company during the week and works at Stubby’s one day every weekend. One of his co-workers started home brewing and brought Eric a sample one day. He’s been hooked ever since and started brewing in June of 2013. He brewed every weekend for the 1 st two years and then made the switch to all grain brewing and brewing every other weekend. Since starting at the store in October of 2016, he has bought a Grainfather and will gladly tell you what an amazing product it is. His favorite thing about the Grainfather is he can be on the PS4 in between steps and the phone app will alert him to the next step.