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Final Gravity

Final gravity the show where we take evaluation to a whole new level beyond judging. We evaluate recipe to glass. This is not a style show, its a “Your Beer” show. Unlike blind judging, Brandon Martin and James Lallande will evaluate you beer along side of your recipe and process based on what You wanted to brew then provide perception, feedback, and a little unsolicited advice.

Final Gravity: Episode 2 -- Kveik vs Brett/Abbey Blend and Brandon's Beer Gone Wrong

In this episode, we discuss a Belgian pale style ale that was brewed with Kveik yeast received through a yeast exchange against the same beer fermented with strains of Brett and an Abbey ale yeast, then we go onto a Beer Gone Wrong that Brandon brought in from an impromptu brewday.

Final Gravity: Episode 1 - Belgian Golden Strong and Chocolate Hazelnut Porter

In this first episode of Final Gravity, we examine a Belgian Golden Strong and a Chocolate Hazelnut Porter.

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