So, when Vintage Shop released the FerMonster recently, I was excited and had a feeling I would get one as soon as we received our first shipment. I had been searching for a solution ever since I decided to switch back to plastic fermenters over the past year or so. My problem was that I was spending a lot of money on buckets and needed a more permanent solution.


Our first shipment arrived and we only had the 7 gallon version at first. I felt the product and it seemed a little flimsy compared to the 6 gallon PET carboy that Vintage Shop makes. This kind of threw me off a bit and I delayed my purchase. A few days later I took the plunge and took that plastic girl home with me. There is a spot marked at the bottom on the side so you can easily drill a hole and put a spigot in for easy transferring. That was the selling point for me, I get tired of cleaning my auto siphon and the placement of the spigot puts it well above any trub. Be aware though, those spigots can harbor bacteria and you need to make sure to thoroughly clean them between every use.


What I like:


-Smooth body and wide opening for easy cleaning

-Knockout circle for easy placement of spigot

-Uses a bung in the screw-on-lid making it easy to make any additions or pull samples from your beer or wine

-Has 5, 6 and 7 gallon marks so you know your volume

-Light weight and easy to carry, especially when using a Brew Hauler

-Bottom is punted and a siphon rests easily above sediment on bottom center of fermenter


What I don't like:


-Screw on lid can be hard to remove (use a screw driver and hammer to help knock the lid loose if it is too tight)

-Markings for gallon marks can be hard to see at times ( I will end up marking them with a sharpie)


Since my original purchase I have purchased two more six gallon FerMonsters. The 6's feel a little more sturdy then the 7 and I rarely need that much head space. However, if you're making six gallon wine kits then the 7 would be just right for you. Also, I have brewed 4 batches of beer and already used my spigot to transfer one of those batches. After that, I can say I am definitely a fan and will be adding more to my arsenal soon. Don't forget to buy a BV stopper or #10 stopper and airlock as these do not come with the fermenter. They take the same bung as your standard PET or Better Bottle carboy.


Jerrod has been homebrewing for the past 8 years. He is a regular contributor to the Come and Brew It podcast series, and is almost always at the shop if you need any help.