This video is the last of the second portion in a series of educational videos aimed to help you become a better brewer and/or to troubleshoot any issues you have during your brew day. Our Introduction to Brewing Series has two main parts and covers the hot and cold sides of brewing your first batch of homebrew! In the segments of Part I, we covered everything you need to get an extract ingredient recipe kit into your fermenter. In the segments of Part II, we cover the cold side procedures, including transferring to a secondary and bottling your first batch.
In this segment, we cover: --Preparing and adding priming sugar to your bottling bucket --Using a racking cane/auto-siphon to transfer your wort --Bottling using a spring loaded bottling wand --Capping your bottles --Sanitation and best practices

What do you need? --A secondary fermenter full of beer ready to be bottled --A clean and sanitized bottling bucket with spigot, and a bottling wand, and of course bottles and caps. --An auto-siphon or racking cane and tubing long enough to reach from your secondary to your bottling bucket and then your bottling bucket to your bottle --Star-San or a similar sanitizer --PBW or a similar cleaner for pre- and post-transfer cleaning

And don't forget to check back for future installments that cover a broad range of brewing education for beginning through advanced brewers. Thanks for watching!

Thanks and have fun brewing better beer!