And through it all, the most festive holidays of the seasons, Thanksgiving and Christmas. What does that mean for a homebrewer? That it’s time to brew up your holiday beers! This means Christmas beers to cozy up with around a fire, like bold complex beers such as winter warmers, stouts, porters, or Belgian dark strong ales. And often including spiced beers. All are meant to have rich flavors and alcohol strength to keep you toasty on those cold days.What do you need to brew Christmas beers and other styles that fit the holiday season? Good equipment, recipe ingredients, and a chance to get started now! These are the kind of beers that can use a little time to age—they usually need a month or more after primary fermentation completes to hit their prime, so make sure you include that in your schedule when you decide on what beer you want by the end of December.

When you figure out the right timing, the good news is that you can brew great Christmas beer and other styles as a beginner or an advanced brewer. Either all-grain or extract. One of our TBI equipment kits, a sweet TBI-branded brew kettle, and any one of the following extract with specialty grains kits would put you on the right path towards a comfortable holiday evening with a deliciously warming and satisfying brew in hand:

Rahr Winter Warmer Recipe Kit

TBI Pro Series - Rahr Winter Warmer (IBU 40, ABV ~8% - $46.95)

TBI Sweet Texas Crude (IBU 35, ABV ~6.5% - $37.95)

TBI Panther City Porter (IBU 30, ABV ~6.5% - $39.95)

TBI Drag’on De Oro (IBU 30, ABV ~7% - $49.95)

And for you all-grain brewers, we can have all these recipes ready to go too!


if you're thinking about Christmas shopping when you pick up your recipes, you could introduce a new brewer to the hobby for only $200-300. Possibly less, if they already have a brew kettle. Then for an occasional $30-40 recipe kit, they could have their own great beers too! The kind they can share with you!


Texas Brewing Inc. is here to help make your holidays special, be it the beverages you drink at gatherings or the gifts you give under the tree! Hope to see you soon!