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Yeast health and happiness is perhaps the most important part of brewing, wine making, and mead making. These articles are meant to help you get the most from your yeast.

Pushing the Limit with Blow Off Tubes

Walk into any brewery and gaze at the sight and sounds of active fermentation conicals. You’ll likely find each one of them equipped with a blow off tube. Why is that? Blow off tubes are a cheap and easy way to increase the volume of your fermentation vessel and provide a safe way for CO2 gas and overflow krausen to escape. This makes for happier, better tasting beer overall, and better yet, no messy clean up! In this article we dive into blow off tubes to show you how and when to install one.

Come and Brew It Radio: Episode 127 -- Kveik and More with Lance Shaner from Omega Yeast Labs

In this episode, we have a discussion with Lance Shaner, co-founder and owner with Mark Schwarz, of Omega Yeast Labs about their company and projects, and especially, their Kveik yeast lineup.

Come and Brew It Radio: Episode 115 - Yeast-o-Rama #2, Malt-o-Rama #3, and More!

In this episode, we’re going to revisit two of our continuing segments with Yeast-o-Rama and Malt-o-Rama and also talk about a few competition beers and their judging results.

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