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Grainfather Stories: A Winemaker's Experience with The Grainfather

The Grainfather is easily one of our favorite modern brewing tools for its ease of use and quickness. That's why we want to share our experiences about it. Here, a winemaker got her first taste of Grainfather brewing!

Brewing Recipe Development: Split Batches -- English Brown Ale (BJCP 13B)

Here, we go further into our experiences with splitting batches for recipe development specific to an English Brown Ale (BJCP category 13B) and the use of different yeasts.

Come and Brew It Radio: Episode 129 -- Brut IPA and the Potential of Split Batches

In this episode, we discuss the emerging Brut IPA substyle with an example of the Social Kitchen recipe Greg brewed and an example that Rahr and Sons brewed for their 14th anniversary party. Plus, we have Austin Heisch from Rahr in studio to add to the discussion!

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