This video helps you understand that kegging is a great next step for any homebrewer because it allows you to have all your beer in one container that you can dispense varying amounts from and because you can bulk age your beer all together. Instead of in 50+ smaller individual packages.
The main components you need are: --A clean/sanitized 5-gallon ball-lock or pin-lock keg --A space to keep the keg in the 35F range (a standing refrigerator or freezer with a temperature controller) --A CO2 tank with regulator and gas hosing --A liquid beverage line and cobra tap or shank and faucet --A gas and liquid quick disconnect based on your keg and the associated components --Star-San or a similar sanitizer --Fermented beer, maybe a Cool, Tx Cream Ale
And don't forget to check back for future installments that cover a broad range of brewing education for beginning through advanced brewers. Thanks for watching!

Thanks and have fun drinking your kegged beer!