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Come and Brew It Radio: Episode 136 -- American Lagers and Light Lagers

In this episode, we focus on the American Lager and Light Lager, BJCP Categories 1A and 1B. We know these are styles that are easy to poke fun at. However, it is hard to not recognize the skill it takes to make a beer that light.

Come and Brew It Radio: Episode 135 -- Pastry Beer with 903 Brewers

In this episode, we dscuss the somewhat newly named pastry beer trend. It’s been around in a form with breakfast stouts and other stouts and porters for a while, but has been taken to many new levels in a variety of other styles--all to capture the flavors of pastries.

Come and Brew It Radio: Episode 134 -- Water Treatments and What Not with Wild Acre Brewing

In this episode, we have the folks from Wild Acre Brewing Company in the studio with us to talk about their beers, building their brewing water, and to do one of our favorite things--develop a new recipe on-air to brew together!

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