In this episode, we go over a recent listener request--washing yeast for future use, then we dive into our next Belgian style, category 25C Belgian Golden Strong. To start, yeast washing is an area we get questions about fairly often and surprisingly we find that the concept is new to many long-time homebrewers. Basically, why not take that fresh yeast cake from a recent batch and save all those viable cells to use in a next or a far future batch. Because not only is what you collect generally in better shape than what you originally bought, it will make for a much easier starter when you need it. Plus, you can always keep a preserved batch of something special for later use. After that, we dive into our next Belgian style segment. This time covering the popular Belgian Golden Strong. And along the way, shenanigans. So, hopefully you enjoy!

When washing yeast for future brews, you simply need to add a few more items to you home beer brewing equipment inventory. Mainly some jars of varying size that you can sanitize and then use to separate the yeast from your primary fermenter into viable fresh yeast and the remaining trub. All it takes is some clean, sanitized water, the jars, and the yeast cake from a racked batch. Mix the water in the fermenter to create an easy to pour slurry, pour that in the largest of your jars and let settle. Then pour the creamy white yeast from that batch into the next smaller jars and let settle again. Then, either store those jars in your refrigerator with the lid slightly loosened or separate them again if there's a large amount of dark trub.

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