In this episode, we cover the finings for beer clarity that we missed out on in the last episode when we had Barrett Tillman in studio and got a little lost in what DEBC was up to and Belgian Tripels.

As far as finings go, we tend to receive plenty of questions from listeners and customers about how to get the clearest beer in their glass, so we wanted to talk about a few ways to get that really clear beer. We start with a discussion of what you end up clearing from the beer, like types of haze present in beer, then move onto the methods from cold crashing and gelatin, to silica gels and filtration. There are many ways and some of those ways can affect the flavor and aroma of your beer if you aren't careful, so hopefully we can help guide you.

Plus, we dig into our next Belgian style by discussing Category 25A the Belgian Blond and Category 26A the Abbey Single style of beer. Our producer Zach brought his Bluebonnet winner and we try it against a few of the world's well known styles out of the BJCP guide. 

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