In this episode, we discuss a subject many of y’all have asked about since we started the show, brewing a lighter lager. Not specifically a ‘Light American Lager’ or ‘International Pale Lager’ as the name might suggest, but instead the less malty, lighter bodied and colored lagers that many of us enjoy in summer. Those crisp, refreshing, easy-to-drink-a-case-on-the-lake type of lagers. And to help us discuss this topic, we have Matt Morriss and Tom Anderson of Rabbit Hole Brewing back in studio--as they recently released their Mexican-style lager, El Canejo. Plus, they’ve had a few changes and made a few new plans out at the brewery that we wanted to catch up with them about.

Light lagers are definitely not as easy as they may seem and you really have to keep a strong focus on the flavors you are aiming for in both your brew and fermentation. Start off by knowing how much flavor will be coming from the malts and hop additions and how you'll modify that with any adjuncts like corn or rice. Then, be sure to choose an appropriate yeast, build a strong starter, and then keep your fermentation in the 48-55F range.

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