In this episode, we get into what we didn't discuss in the Haze Craze episode, the makings of a speedy brew day! Most of us love the time we spend working with our gear and ingredients, but most of would still prefer to use less of that valuable time doing it. We also discuss that “homebrew extract taste” that people often reference when tasting a beer that didn’t come out right by trying an older extract kit against an all grain version. Afterward, we’ll judge a local customer’s beer on air.

In our segment about speeding up your brewdays, our main emphasis is that you think about and plan for all the scenarios that will result in a fast turnaround and less chance of mistakes. If you prepare for your brew and get all your gear in place, water ready, ingredients separated as needed, and all you have to do is turn on your heat source and start brewing, you've already saved yourself quite a bit of time. Add in heating during transfers and using a controlled fermentation chamber to help finish chilling and a 6 hour day suddenly ends up being only 4 hours. And that might even be with cleaning!

After that discussion, we cover some of the possiblities of why we occasionally might get that "homebrew taste" that people often refer to when there's just something off in a beer made at home. Sometimes it's fermentation issues, sometimes the recipe is off, and sometimes it's the extract itself. It's hard to say what it is, but we compare some beers to see what we can find. 

Finally, a big thanks to Chris Stephens for dropping off a sample of his brewing for us to sample and discuss. We always welcome more submissions for the same. That's why we're here, to help you make better beer. Sometimes, it's easier to just taste the beer you have questions about and discuss it. So, please send in those samples!

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