In this episode, we start off discussing more of the recent industry happenings with the Big Beer Beast doing more to destroy the independence of craft brewing, then we discuss problem solving on brewdays, before diving into a discussion on making cider. Including a call with friend of the show, author, Experimental Homebrew maestro, and all around good guy, Drew Beechum. Who just happened to write the book, Everything Hard Cider. 

Our first topic, problem solving, is something we have all run into at some point on our brewday. Whether it's due to some malfunction of equipment or our own logic/design or simply due to a few samples too many, it WILL happen eventually. And we hope that our examples are helpful to those of you who have hit a wall in this area in the past or--if anything--a precautionary tale that will help you miss that wall in the first place!

Cider making in the second half of the show explores the subject with an expert, Drew Beechum. Along with Denny Conn, he is the co-creator of the Experimental Brewing book/website/podcast. You've heard (and seen) both of them on our Come and Brew It episodes in the past, but this time Drew is on-call to help spread the education about making your own cider at home. And why is he an expert, well he wrote a book on it! We caught him in the latter part of his day after his long Los Angeles drive home, but he still had great tidbits to add to the conversation, like pectinase before fermentation and the use of staggered nutrient additions. Plus, we discuss the reason why you may not be getting the most out of an exotic yeast. Afterward, be sure to check out Drew’s work with Denny's work for even more education and entertainment!

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