In this episode, we talk about a few ways you might be able to salvage a beer that’s going wrong or just doesn’t live up to what you wanted it to be. We’ve kind of discussed it in the past, but wanted to hit it again because It can happen to the best of us and it probably WILL happen to you at some point. Just because of chance.

More of us have problems with a batch that didn’t come out the way we wanted and we’ll focus mostly on that, but there are definitely those times when a batch gets infected or stuck that you might be able to save it if you get to it in time or just want to experiment. Because if anything, a bad batch is a great way to experiment and learn a few things. 

However, we want to warn you that we had some technical issues during the recording of this episode. Jimmy's mic didn't make it through on the usual audio-only recording, but you can also check out our Facebook Live version for what we caught of him there. Plus, we had some memory error stops and the audio version is more concise from editing, since we got a little loose at the end. [Editors Note: Too much talky.]

We definitely plan to cover the subject matter again in the future, so be sure to keep listening to Come and Brew It Radio so we can make up for the issues we experienced in this one! Thanks again for listening and please be sure to share on social media and rate and review the show on iTunes and Stitcher. Just...maybe not this episode. :)

Check out our FB Live footage: