In this episode, we sit down with brewer Austin Heisch of Rahr and Sons Brewing Co. to discuss brewing and fermenting lager beers and the history of the style. Rahr and Son’s Brewing is the grandaddy of the local Fort Worth craft brewery scene and they led the way over the last decade by brewing a variety of multiple-award winning beers, including both lagers and ales. But they started with and continue to produce a series of German style lagers. These days they may not be the only game in Funkytown, but they’re still the strongest contender and that’s due to the dedicated effort of their staff and volunteers--and the volunteers who became staff, like Austin.

And check back in the future for more about the Rahr brewery itself because we hope to be able to sit down with Fritz and the others both here and on future episodes of Come and Brew It video. We hope y'all enjoy!

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About Rahr, from their website:

"It is because of the rich history we decided to continue in the paths of my ancestors and open our own brewery - Rahr & Sons Brewing, in the town of Fort Worth, Texas - a town very dear to my heart. We will follow in the traditions of my family and brew majestic lagers and rich ales using age-old recipes in the styles of the Rahr brew masters of the past. We are dedicated to brewing only the finest beers possible - we hope you enjoy drinking them!" - Frederick William Rahr, Jr