In this episode, we call our friend Keith Kilker, founder and brewer at Guadalupe Brewing Co., to talk about what they have going on down in New Braunfels and about what has been going on in the craft beer industry lately with Big Beer buying out breweries. Keith has strong feelings about his independence and has worked hard to fulfill his passion, brewing great beer for a local crowd. 

He is a strong supporter of keeping the local scene strong and growing and if you follow the Guadalupe Brewing Co Facebook page, you know he has strong opinions about Big Beer limiting choices for everyone. Keith has been a world traveler during his years of service in the Air Force and for his previous career field, so like many others, he has experience in knowing that Big Beer did some serious damage by limiting our options for beer choices. There are still many Americans that have no idea that 'beer' does not always mean 'light lager' and that there is quite a bit of sophistication in the many styles. 

If you aren’t already familiar with Guadalupe Brewing Co., be sure to check out the Texas Brewing Inc. YouTube site for our video interview with Keith from the summer of 2015. Jimmy Big Ears sat down with him the last time we were down in his part of Texas to talk about the brewery and their bee conservation efforts, plus we had a great time enjoying a variety of their beers because it was their anniversary party. 

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