In this episode, we discuss BJCP style 32 Smoked Beers while we sample some commercial examples from Schlenkerla that were bought locally, against those recently brought back from Schlenkerla’s home town, Bamberg, Germany. The category has two subcategories, including 32A Classic Style Smoked Beers and 32B Specialty Smoked Beers. However, both categories have the same basic description to start: A smoke-enhanced beer showing good balance between the smoke and beer character, while remaining pleasant to drink.

Of course, we also need to add in category 6B Rauchbiers (under Amber Malty European Beers). The main difference being that smoked beers are generally ales and rauchbiers are specifically beechwood smoked amber lagers (aka Mårzens). So. here we'll see what difference there is between local and Bamburg fresh beers and talk about how to brew them.

It was a night of great beers and for those of you who have never tried a smoked beer, the Schlenkerla examples that we tried here are the best place to start. We definitely recommend that you try a few versions of different smoked styles before you brew a 5 gallon batch. 

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