In this episode, we have Austin Schumacher and Chase Leftwich from Texmalt in studio to talk about their work and products. Texmalt is a new and local maltster located here in Fort Worth, TX that believes in demanding the highest quality locally sourced barley and other grains for malt production that ends up in the mash tuns of local and regional craft breweries. All while maintaining full transparency throughout all levels of production from grain source, to finished malt quality.

At the time of recording, their malts were being used in The Collective Brewing Project's Mr. Green Pale Ale and we had a few cans to try while we discussed their facility and floor malting process. It's just the two of them and they keep themselves very busy with rakes and kilns. But they're hoping to diversify into new projects and grow into a regular new source of hand-crafted malts for the local craft brewing community. In fact, we also have some of their base malts in stock, so check them out while they last!

We also discuss a few events that happened around the time of recording, including the Rhymes and Vines competition down in Stephenville, GABF winners, and the big thing that happened that week, Big Beer purchasing the largest homebrew supply chain in the U.S

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P.S. At the time of publishing we were a bit behind due to the speed of life and because we wanted to make sure you could have a sample of their malt to try in shop, so apologies if it seems out of date!