In this episode, we took a moment to try the two versions of our Palo Pinto Pale Ale recipe using regular pellet hops and the fresh wet hops we were lucky enough to get from a local brewery. Then, we go on to sample and discuss five different lager yeasts used in the Brewing Classic Styles Helles Bock recipe. 

Our wet hops were Cascade and we used them at flameout in a kettle strainer in The Grainfather because the pump was a great way to keep the wort moving through the hops in the strainer. It definitely added some extra volume with the water, but added a variation to the flavor and aroma character. Plus, we tried using the hops in a Randall with different conditions. All the results were interesting and if you're interested in trying wet hops in a brew, give it a listen! And if you're interested in grabbing some of your own from the next harvest, give us a yell and we'll see what we can do.

For the Helles Bock recipe, the 5 gallon batch was split into five different 1 gallon batches. In each of those batches, we pitched a different lager yeast known to be used on bocks to see what the results would be. The experiment included the following yeasts: (1) Mangrove Jack M84 Bavarian Lager, (2) White Labs WLP833 German Bock Lager, (3) Wyeast Bavarian Lager (2206), (4) Saflager 34/70, and (5) Saflager S-189

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