In this episode, we have a conversation with Casey Binkley, one of the co-founders of the FastBrewing company out of Toronto, Ontario. They are the makers of the very popular FastRack, FastFerment, and FastLabel products. All of which are actually made in Michigan! The FastBrewing products are a straightforward series of homebrewing tools that are aimed at giving you the most use, while taking up the least amount of space---all at an affordable cost.

Their products tend to grab interest when people see them and often move quickly off our shelves because they actually live up to their name. Plus, the company continues to listen to their audience and improve and expand upon their offerings. After meeting the FastBrewing crew, we can easily say that they’re a great bunch of people to grab a drink with, as long as you aren’t in Tijuana. But you'll have to listen to learn about that! 

And if you're listening to the episode within two weeks of the date it was posted, be sure to take a shot at the contest for the free FastFerment conical fermenter. Count the number of times you hear Casey the Canadian say "aboot" and mail us at with Come and Brew It FastFermenter Contest as the subject. Maybe you'll win one of your own. Just remember that it has to be within two weeks of airing!

Then, in the second half we try our different versions of the oaked saison with chardonnay recipe that we came up with back in episode 51 with Cody Martin of Martin House Brewing Co. We had a few variations of the same concept, but two were based on the same recipe and the other two were different. Though, we still made a point of staying true to the idea of making a very quaffable oaked saison that had highlights of the chardonnay must that fit perfectly with summer. The recipe for two of the versions is listed below (Austin's in-shop/Greg's). 

Oaked Summer Saison with Chardonnay
12 lbs Avangard Pils (or several different types of pils malt if you're feeling fancy)
1.5 lbs C-15
1 lb Wheat
1 lb Flaked Wheat
1 oz Saaz 2.8% AA at 60, 30, 10, 0

General Info:
OG 1.060 (pre-must)/FG 1.002 (post-must).
Austin's in-shop used 3711/3724 and BE256 (aka Abbaye)
Greg used 3711 and US-05, fermented 3 gal of wort in the upper 60s for approximately 2 days, then mid-80s to finish. 2 gal of chardonnay must added after the first 3 days. 1 oz of boiled oak chips added them to the keg, where they remained until keg was empty.

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