In this episode, we recap our experience at the 2015 Bluebonnet Brew Off that occurred March 20th and 21st. We had a hell of a good time and met plenty of great folks. While we were there, we had a chat with Justin Crossley from The Brewing Network, who was there as the keynote speaker. He and his BN brethren were fun to party with and now they know we Texans can do it up right! We also had a discussion with Barrett Tillman of Black Man Brewing, who has an innovative new series of dry sour yeast packets that you more advanced brewers will definitely want to check out. And best of all, the results of the awards ceremony were very favorable for us and our local Cap and Hare Homebrew Club. HINT: Team TBI won Homebrew Team of the Year, three of our kits won steins, and Cap and Hare finally won Club of the Year!

As per usual, the event was a great experience. This year we were in a new venue at the Irving Convention Center and it was a great success. There was a great turnout and we imagine that the event will only get better next year when the hotel is right across the street. Multiple clubs came in from many miles away to win awards and serve their best homebrew. Plus, we had a variety of professional breweries come out from all over Texas and beyond with their best brews to help us with our tasting glass evaluation. In the end, new friends were made and there was plenty of inspiration to keep brewing better beer!

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