In this episode, we decided to go back for more coverage of recipe development. But this time, we thought we would take a different approach and actually throw together a recipe from scratch without any previous preparation or thought put into the recipe. None of us knew what we would try to develop and the style was decided together as it happened. And to top that off? We thought it'd be great to have a professional brewer come in and join the conversation. So, we invited Cody Martin of Martin House Brewing Co. in to sit down with us and offer his opinions.


When I say style, I am bending the term a bit because the end result of our development experiment was probably not what you would consider standard. We simply covered a range of things we'd like in a beer meant for the warmer time of the year and then we tweaked it a bit with a few ideas. In the end, the next step was taking the idea and creating a fillable recipe that we could take home and brew individually to try a variety of yeast strains that we thought would fit the concept. The rest of the plan was even more simple. Sit and wait it out, add the special ingredient, find out which one was best and discuss why.


When the experiment ends, we will update the post with the results and whether we thought it was a winner. And if it is, then maybe you'll find a new recipe from Texas Brewing Inc. available for purchase online and in our store with the rest of our many kits!