In this, our 50th episode, we go back to our brewing terminology discussion so we can continue coverage of the many terms beginning and intermediate homebrewers may or may not be familiar with so we can make sure y’all know what we’re talking about in previous and future episodes. In part one and part two, we covered base maltsspecialty maltshop related terms, some of the vocabulary related to yeastall grain brewing, and boiling and chilling. In this episode, we’ll continue that coverage, starting with concepts and terminology related to the mash. 


In addition, we wanted to say thank you to all of you who have listened and enjoyed since we started the show. We have over 30,000 downloads since our first episode and you guys stuck with us through all the kinks and rough spots. We hope that you will keep listening with us through more of the same as we try our best to bring you good brewing information, even if we get a little silly or tipsy at times. We're pretty sure you all know what we mean by that. 

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