In this episode, we talk with Cody Martin--founder and head brewer of Martin House Brewing Company--about brewing outside the boundaries of the traditional style guidelines, experimentation in brewing and the thought behind their micro-seasonals, and the 1st and 2nd Annual Riverside Shootout competitions. We’ve talked about style guidelines and brewing within those guidelines, but now we’re going to go outside of the box to discuss making new and interesting beers. Martin House is known for breaking away from the traditional and we discuss the thought behind breaking boundaries to brew better beer. Martin House is also very supportive of home brewers and they have their upcoming 2nd annual Riverside Shootout competition to let brewer’s imaginations run wild so they can find their next pro-am micro-seasonal. We also covered their first annual event last year, got to talk to the Martin House guys, and followed the winners of the event through their brew day to the release party on Come and Brew It video.

We hope y'all enjoy the episode!

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About Martin House Brewing Company from the MH founders: Martin House is a team of brewers, explorers, and dreamers. We avoid tradition in favor of adventure, both in brewing and in life. We value good ingredients and good people, and each of our beers pairs perfectly with life’s memorable moments. We want to be the handcrafted beer you and your friends choose when celebrating your most recent adventure or planning the next one. Martin House – Made in Texas by Texans.