In this episode, we go back to our brewing terminology discussion so we can continue coverage of the many terms beginning and intermediate homebrewers may or may not be familiar with so we can make sure y’all know what we’re talking about in previous and future episodes. Last time we covered base maltsspecialty maltshop related terms, and some of the vocabulary related to yeast. In this episode, we’ll continue that coverage, starting with concepts and terminology related to the mash.


Mashing includes discussion of enzymes and manipulation of proteins and sugars by different rests at different temperatures. For example, the Alpha and Beta Amylase rests for saccharification of the sugar chains. But mashing also includes other steps than rests like the vorlauf that occurs after the mash to create a clear wort and help set the grain bed.


After the mash, we move onto the subjects of boiling and chilling your wort. The boil has multiple additions steps for hop and flavor additions, while chilling is more related to the various ways you can cool your wort to pitching temperatures and what happens to the wort as it is chilled.


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