Brian WrightIf you aren’t familiar with the LD Carlson Company, they are the manufacturer of Brewer’s Best homebrew recipe kits and equipment and they also supply a large amount of malts to homebrew shops across the nation. Tonight, Brian is here to discuss their Brewer’s Best brands and their malts, including their newer European malts and shop favorites, Avangard and Swaen. We’ll also talk to Brian about what trends he’s seeing in craft beer and homebrewing across the nation.

Plus, we made and tried a dark mild using Swaen malts to try and then discuss. The recipe was based on the dark mild from Brewing Classic Styles, but we went all Swaen and found ourselves drinking a very nicely malt forward beer with solid flavor that was full of English tones. We also tried a few of Brian's samples of whole malts while he was sharing his excitement for LD Carlson bringing these new options to our shore. Because this is most definitely a series of malts that WILL add a new dimension to your recipes.


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The Mild Recipe

6 lbs. Swaen Ale
4 oz. Swaen Chocolate
4 oz. Swaen Aroma
4 oz. Swaen Biscuit
Mash at 151F
1 oz. Fuggle - 4.1%AA at 60
1 oz. Fuggle - 4.1%AA at 15
Fermented with Mangrove Jack British Ale M07 at 65F