In this episode, we have Lauren Woods Salazar and Eric Salazar from New Belgium Brewing in the studio with us to talk about their involvement with the company and hopefully share some of their vast wealth of information. New Belgium is one of America’s first craft brewers to delve into wood aging and sours, while also being the producer of the gateway beers that opened up a new world for many craft beer lovers. Lauren has and does wear many hats at New Belgium, including Wood Cellar Manager, Sensory Specialist, and Master Blender, while Eric is the Wood Aged Beer Specialist, Wood Cellar Manager, and one of the senior-most brewers at the brewery. They are the driving force behind many of New Belgium’s favorite beers, but especially the sour and wood aged program. Which includes much loved beers like Eric’s Ale, La Folie, Tart Lychee, Transatlantique Kriek, and La Terroir.


Eric and Lauren were in town to present another in their long running series, The Sour Symposium, and we caught them the day before. Plus, we all attended the event and it was fantastic! Especially after getting to know this dynamic fermentation duo. They truly love their work and craft and that is very apparent in their products. But when you listen to their history and how the programs developed at New Belgium, you will have even more of an appreciation for what they've done.
Be sure to keep an eye out for future Sour Symposiums and/or check in with your local New Belgium Rangers to work on having one in your area. And if you ever get up to the brewery in Fort Collins for a tour (which you definitely should), be sure to say hello from TBI!
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