In this episode, we had the founders of Rabbit Hole Brewing, Matt Morriss and Tom Anderson, in the studio with us to discuss the formation of their brewery, their beers, their homebrewer roots, and their future plans for the brewery.


Located in Justin, TX just north of Fort Worth, Rabbit Hole sold their first keg in December of 2013 and has become a fixture in craft beer bars around the DFW area with a lineup that currently includes beers such as Rapture--their delicious American/English fusion brown ale--and their celebrity endorsed Mike Modano’s 561 Kolsch. In fact, we loved their beer so much we asked for the Rapture recipe to make a new TBI Pro Kit. So, pick one up, brew it, and then be sure to take a sample to the brewery for Tom! 


We are definitely thankful for their donation of such a great beer! So, tonight let’s listen in and take a trip down the Rabbit Hole!


P.S. Be sure to check out the video below for an inside peek at the Rabbit Hole Brewery and to meet their newest Assistant Brewer, Clint Stapp, as he leads his first day of tours at the brewery.