In this episode, we discuss packaging your homebrewwinecider, and mead. Because once you’ve made whatever wonderful concoction you came up with, you have to put it in some sort of package to set aside for your own enjoyment, to give to others when you share the wealth, or to submit it for competition. And if you are kegging, you may actually end up packaging your beverage twice!


In every instance of packaging, you’ll need to think about what you want to get out of your chosen method and how that method will affect your finished fermentation. For example, maybe you need extra carbonation or no carbonation, or maybe you need to add in another yeast like Brett to get the true character you are looking for in the chosen style. Either way, something as simple as packaging can actually be quite complex and definitely a place homebrewers get into trouble. 


So, if you aren't sure what the best method would be to bottle your homebrew, wine, cider, or mead, then listen in to this episode and then give it a try! Just remember to get everything you need before you start!