In this episode, we’re going to wander some familiar territory by discussing the flavor changes you can make through boil and secondary additions. This is the primary area brewers modify any of the flavors they pulled from the grains in the mash because simple additions or hop schedule changes during the boil or after primary fermentation can make an entirely new beer out of the original wort. For example, a regular stout might suddenly become a dessert beer with the addition of baker’s chocolate, cinnamon, and lactose during the boil. And once cooled, there are a multitude of ways to add new flavors in the secondary that also make a new beer out of your base recipe, whether it’s adding flavors like vanilla and coffee, fermentables like honey, or wood to give it the character of a barrel.

And in studio tonight to discuss this topic with us are John and Jenny Koch, who are part of a local homebrew team that goes by The Fort. They are well known for the variety of additions they’ve made to create unique new beers. In fact, their Drunk Uncle (aka Holidazed and Confused), an imperial oak aged cranberry saison with cinnamon and nutmeg was the winner of Martin House Brewing Co’s 2nd annual Riverside Shootout. It was released around October 2015 and was mentioned in J-Roid's blog, here.
Hopefully we can give you a few ideas as a springboard for you to go out there and try your own version of nailing down a new flavor through additions. Trying new things in your brewing is one of the fastest routes to becoming a better brewer!
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