in this episode, the TBI crew got together to talk about the tasting and evaluation of homebrew and how it can make you a better brewer. In brew shops and homebrew clubs, most brewers tend to learn the most about brewing their beer through two routes: Practice brewing and learning to evaluate what they've created.


When you are able to take the time to truly evaluate all the flavors in a beer--home or craft--it gives you a more complete grasp on beer styles in general, which you can then apply to your brewing process. Because in the end it ALWAYS leads to you brewing better beers. Which is exactly what we want you to do. The more you test your skills judging/evaluating--whether it's in a structured BJCP setting or an informal situation like sitting at home drinking a new beer--the more you will know what to look for in your recipes. If you can recognize a flavor and match that flavor with the right ingredient, you've unlocked a doorway to great beer that turns out the way you want it almost every time. 

Once you get yourself started with serious evaluation, the next best step is to find a local BJCP competition to try out what you've learned. You can enter your beers in competition to get feedback to compare against your own observations and you can actually go and volunteer to steward and judge to get more into the process. If judging makes you nervous, go out and volunteer to steward to try the beers, see the scoresheets, and listen to the discussion about the beers. All you'll be doing is following the instructions of the head judge at the table and mostly pouring beer. So all in all, a great learning experience!

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