In this episode, we follow up on our recipe formulation episode with a discussion about selecting the best yeast for the job. At Texas Brewing Inc. we regularly preach that the yeast are the most important ingredient in the process because when you make your recipe and it yields wort, it's the yeast that actually makes the beer. Which means that there are several factors to take into account when you select the yeast for your latest brew like attenuation, alcohol tolerance, ester and phenol production, flocculation, and more.


So the goal of this episode is covering as many of the factors and flavor contributions to consider so you can make the most informed decision possible the next time you choose your yeast. For many beginning homebrewers making that choice can be overwhelming because there are now more options than ever to get a good quality yeast and we want your beer to come out the way you want it. Plus, we want it to be the best beer possible!


And if you're feeling experimental, think about changing your yeast selection for one of your recipes or one of our kits. We do not package yeast in our kits, so you have the freedom to choose any yeast you want. So with one of our kits or one of your tried and true recipes, think about using something like a Belgian yeast or English yeast instead of a clean American ale yeast on an American pale ale or stout. So, be sure to check out our wide variety of dry and liquid yeasts and give some experimentation a shot! (And tell us how things went!)


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