In this episode, Fritz Rahr, CEO and Co-Founder of Rahr and Sons Brewing Company and member of the Rahr malting family joined us to discuss a little bit about malts and the malting process AND all the badass progress they’ve made at his brewery over the last few years. Maltsters are an important part of the brewing process because they’re the ones who have developed the vast variety of malts you use to homebrew. And that variety has only grown over the last decades to the point that home and pro brewers have more well-modified malt now than ever.


Plus, Fritz tells us the history of Rahr and Sons, THE leader of the current craft beer revolution in Fort Worth, TX. They’ve been around since 2004 when craft beer was just beginning to grow and then--after the roof collapse calamity dubbed the Snowmageddon--they exploded on the scene and became the leader that opened the door for all the breweries that opened over the last several years and for those still in development. Fritz and family struggled at times, but in 11 years has come a long way, with multiple awards for numerous beers in their core lineup and seasonals. Some of which include multiple gold medals at the Great American Beer Festival.


Towards the end of the show, Fritz uses his encyclopedic knowledge of malting and enlightens us with more information about how maltsters operate and the process itself. So, buckle up, listen up, and enjoy! And be sure to try out our popular Pro Series Rahr Winter Warmer kit and please send us your comments and ideas to and/or


Song Credit goes to Big Mike's Box of Rock's cover of The Zombies Time of the Season. Big Mike is a regular player on Rahr tours and very popular around the Fort Worth area. So if you get a chance, check him out!


And if you enjoyed Fritz and Jerrod's friendship blossom during the podcast, then you might be curious as to the pumpkin carving references. This should help...