In this episode, we had our friend and international craft and home brewer Doug Zent come in to sit down and discuss his unique situation. You see, Doug loves to brew and he travels often for work. One of the main places he’s spent the most time on his work trips was Russia. Do you know what he found there? A growing craft beer and homebrew scene that gave him an opportunity to form a partnership with a group of local brewers to help open a brewery on the outskirts of Moscow called Victory Art Brew.


Well, he recently came back from another trip over there and we thought it was time to find out what it’s like to go international as a brewer, while we sampled a few of the Victory Art beers that travelled over 5,000 miles to end up at Texas Brewing Inc. on our podcast. And talk about some great beers! He brought us one of the most interesting experimental Tripels we've had, along with an amazing Russian Imperial Stout straight out of Russia.


Doug found kinship in heavy metal music and beer with these folks and from it was born a brewery devoted to the art of brewing victoriously delicious beers! Proof that the love of great beer is growing well beyond the standard borders of bland mega-beer lagers across the world. And as more homebrewers go pro in their homelands, the closer we are to a complete craft revolution! So, we give a shout out to all of our listeners across the world to say thank you for being bold and taking craft and homebrewed beer to exciting new levels.


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Also, be sure to check out the following videos of the Victory Art Brewery to see just what Doug was describing and if you're abroad, be sure to seek them out and support them! And for all you metal heads, we hope you enjoy Arkona's "Goi, Rode, Goi!" during the break and the music of Epidemia in the videos. If you like what you hear, make sure to purchase their music!


Arkona's official video for Goi, Rode, Goi!

Epidemia's visit to Victory Art Brew to partner on a new brew

Victory Art Brew YouTube channel (be sure to check out the labeling and bottling videos)

Victory Art Brew home