In this episode, we discuss brewing for winter when you need great styles for the winter months of the year. Or of course, Fall, depending on where you live. Either way, we’re talking about big beers, malty beers, spiced holiday beers, and often enough, beers with hefty amounts of roasted malts. The kind of beverages that you want to curl up next to a fire with on a cozy, cold night. Or if you’re in Texas, those days that everything freezes over and the cities shut down.


Yep, we’re talking about stouts, porters, spice/herb/vegetable beers, barleywines, coffee beers, old ales, winter warmers, scotch ales, and more. The chewy stuff. Styles that sit heavy and pack a warming punch. With an ABV that stands out and/or a flavor character that fits the season and its holidays. And yeah, as per usual, we get a little weird and discuss everything you never wanted to know about compost toilets in tiny houses. So, we hope you enjoy!


And if you want to brew a winter beer before or after this podcast, then we have you covered with kits including: Pro-series Rahr Winter Warmer, our Pancho’s Pumpkin PorterSweet Texas Crude Milk StoutWhiskey Barrel StoutDouble Down Dubbel and more!


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