In this episode, we begin a discussion we're sure to continue through multiple episodes about how experimenting with small changes can lead to better beers. For this episode, we had the 2014 Bluebonnet Homebrew Team of the Year and Cap and Hare Homebrew Club members, Mike Treadway and Sean Vreeland, come in to share some of their practices. Why? Because they often use multiple micro-variations in flavor additions to dial in the exact flavors they are looking for in their award winning beers.


We will also try some sampling differences based on their experiments because they brought in a few different ingredients and some homebrew that we blended together in different ways to sample and see just how much the small changes alter the flavors. We also try to get into a little bit about matching some of your brewing ingredients with your post fermentation additions to boost flavors and some of the small changes you might want to consider when brewing those beers and submitting them to competitions.


And when you finish with the episode, be sure to check out our inventory of additives and extra ingredients to try some experimenting on your own. Maybe a flavoring like pre-made blackberry extract flavoring or a can of Vintner's Harvest blackberry puree for the more natural approach. Perhaps a spice like dried lime peel or vanilla beans to add directly to your beer in the secondary or boil or to make an extract of your own. And for those of you ready to wood age your beer, there are oak chips for faster flavor transfer or oak cubes for longer duration flavor transfer. Just soak them in your favorite bourbon or rum (or vodka to limit that extra flavor to the wood itself) for a great change to almost any style!


We hope you enjoy the episode!


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