In this episode, we have our friend and new TBI staff member Nigel Curtis sitting in with us to discuss English beer styles and sample a few beers he recently brought back from a trip to his old stomping grounds in Peterborough, England. If you check the new 2015 BJCP guidelines, you’ll find that numerous styles were born in England like British Bitters, Pale Commonwealth Beers, Brown British Beers, Dark British Beers, and Strong British Ales. And that doesn’t even include the near cousins, Scottish Ale and Irish Beer. So, we're talking about a large contribution to beer and brewing. 


Nigel was nice enough to bring us 14 different beers to sample and that's what we'll be doing throughout this episode. Sampling and discussing the beers and thinking about how to brew them (or at least find them to get more). We had a full house for this episode, with Nigel, Stubby, Brandon, Mikey, Jerrod, Jimmy, and Nate Weber, owner (aka landlord in British) of the T&P Tavern which is about to have their annual Oktoberfest celebration October 3rd, starting at noon. So if you can make it, make sure you get there!


And if you would like to brew a great English style beer, check out our Johnnie's English Ale, Mockingbird ESBPhoenix ESB, Nutty Brown Cow, and Pro Series Rahr Winter Warmer kits!


Tonight's beers include:

  • Adnam's Broadside
  • Bateman's XXXB
  • Black Sheep Ale
  • Fuller's ESB
  • Fuller's London Pride
  • Marston's Pedigree
  • Greene King Old Speckled Hen
  • Oakham Ales Citra
  • Tribute Cornish Pale Ale
  • Theakston Old Peculiar
  • Timothy Taylor's Landlord
  • Wychwood Brewery Hobgoblin
  • Bass Pale Ale
  • Samuel Smith's Organic Chocolate Stout (not on air)





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