In this longer than usual episode, we’ve invited our friend Kevin Lane from Fermentis back into the studio to join us in a discussion about the basics of recipe formulation. Hopefully, to help clarify the process for those of you that are still looking for answers. And later in the episode, we also had a surprise guest stop in to contribute to the show because James Lallande came by to add his thoughts on recipe development 


In our experience, only a few brewers have an immediate grasp on the many elements that combine to make a great beer. If that's you, then maybe you're also a natural chef! But more often than not, it takes time for the rest of us to truly understand how to combine those elements because we’re more focused on mastering the process itself, be it extract or all grain brewing. However, just like with the brewing process, the best way to deepen your understanding is by simplifying. You have to be able to grasp the basics, without getting tangled up on the small details.


So, we hope our discussion helps you start thinking about recipe development. Our suggestion is to copy the beers you like first by finding several clone recipes and comparing them to get a single version, then start thinking about how you'd change that recipe to brew a beer that fits the taste characteristics you're looking for. Maybe make a popular pale ale or a proven ingredient kit and change the hops. Or use pale chocolate malt in place of regular chocolate malt in a robust porter. This is a great way to learn about how changing the base malt, specialty grains, hops, and yeast. One single brew can easily taste like two completely different brews. And everyone loves a good variety of beer available.


Plus, be sure to check out our great selection of books on recipe development.


Enjoy the show!

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