This episode is our recap of our trip out west. We travelled out to California to attend NHC 2015 in early June and we had a great time and met lots of great people in San Diego. That list includes all the homebrewers, industry folks, Uber drivers, and the many people in the local breweries and restaurants that made the trip a great time (especially Charlie's, the pub in the center of the Town and Country convention center and resort). Plus, while we were there we caught up with some industry folks who are working on making your brewing life easier through products and/or education. We've included our interviews with Jim Ladd of the Cascade Beer Candi Company and Denny Conn and Drew Beechum.

The Cascade Beer Candi Company is currently producing an excellent line of syrups meant for late boil additions and secondary fermentations. We've been experimenting with some of them and you can try one of the winning results in our Corpus Coconut Ale kit. We've already had numerous great responses to the flavor and a few people who usually hate coconut said they enjoyed the beer.

And considering the experimental aspect of using those syrups, we wanted to catch up with Denny and Drew to find out how well their book Experimental Homebrewing was doing and what effect it had on homebrewers. We also found out that they're working on a new book that should be out next year around this time called Homebrew All Stars. A book that allows you to have a brewday with a number of great and well known homebrewers.

Hope you enjoy! And watch for further NHC recap coverage in our blog, including some pics of the experience. Plus, we hope to have our video footage together soon!

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