In this episode, we have a discussion with Lance Shaner, co-founder and owner with Mark Schwarz, of Omega Yeast Labs. They’ve been having a huge impact on the homebrew scene not only due to their high viability, high cell count liquid yeast packs, but because they are offering such a variety of flavors with their strains. Tonight, we have a set of experiments we did with their Voss, Hothead, and Hornindal Kveik offerings that we will be discussing, as well as simply having Lance enlighten us about the company and their offerings, particularly the background and possibilities of the Norwegian Kveiks and the route through which they picked up their Lithuanian farmhouse yeast, Jovaru

Lance was a great guest and we hope he enjoyed the samples we sent his way. We had a West Coast IPA that was the Gordon Strong's style recipe from Brew Your Own magazine (all Centennial) using Voss to emphasize the citrus character. We also had a Robust Porter that was fermented with Hothead to see how it would affect the roast and chocolate flavors. And on top of the yeast cakes from those batches, we had a DIPA. 

Robust Porter
6 Gal
OG: 1.065
11 lbs - Pale Ale Malt
1.5 lbs - Munich Malt
1 lb - Crystal 40
.75 lb - Pale Chocolate Malt
.5 lb - Black Patent
2 oz - East Kent Goldings (5%) @ 60 
1 oz - Fuggles (5%) @ 15
1 oz - East Kent Goldings (5%) @ 0

Double IPA
12 Gal
OG: 1.083
30 lbs - Pale Ale Malt
1 lb - Honey Malt
1 lb - Vienna Malt
.5 lb - Crystal 10
.5 lb - Crystal 20
2 lbs - Dextrose (corn sugar)
4 oz - CTZ (15%) @ 60
1 oz - CTZ (15%) @ 30
2 oz - Centennial (8.9%) @ steep/whirlpool
2 oz - Citra (11.9%) @ steep/whirlpool
2 oz - Mosaic (11.3%) @ steep/whirlpool
2 oz - Simcoe (13.6%) @ steep/whirlpool
2 oz - Centennial (8.9%) @ dry hop 5-7 days
2 oz - Citra (11.9%) @ dry hop 5-7 days
2 oz - Mosaic (11.3%) @ dry hop 5-7 days
2 oz - Simcoe (13.6%) @ dry hop 5-7 days

Note: Water adjusted for bringing out maltiness and bitterness.

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