In this episode, we aim at discussing some of the things to think about when brewing in the summer heat to make for a better, more productive brewday, like timing, chilling, and of course, what styles might be best for the situation and season. Which will include a listener requested discussion about the possibilities for styles that can be quickly soured--like Berliner Weisse, Gose, and Sour Golden Ales--for a refreshing summer treat.

Our main focus in this episode are the quick soured styles that easily support flavor additions. Which pretty much means you are taking a base version of a style recipe and then going out of the usual boundaries. All the light and slightly tart golden base beers are basically excellent support structures for just about any addition and they also leave you refreshed on a hot day. For the Key Lime Pie and other base beers we discuss in this episode, we did an 11 gal batch meant to be split up and modified differently. We aimed it at the quick sour process: 

1. Mashing the grains
2. Lautering to draw off enough wort to meet our boil time needs for pasteurization
3. Chilling to about 120F and transferring to a sanitized vessel with a pitch of Goodbelly Probiotics
4. Keeping the vessels in a warm/hot environment so the Lactobacillus has a happy place to do its job (i.e. a Texas garage at about 110F most days/nights)
5. Boiling the results and fermenting as normal with a neutral yeast like Omega Kolsch II or a clean American Ale yeast

Then we made additions in the fermenter or keg based on what we were looking for. For the Key Lime beer, it was about 1.5 ounces of vanilla extract and 6 oz of key lime juice in the keg. 

Key Lime Pie Sour
11 Gal
OG: 1.047
IBU: 5-6

8 lbs - Pilsner malt
6 lbs - Wheat malt
2 lbs - Swaen Honey Biscuit (or 1 to 1.5 lb Biscuit and .5 to 1 lb Honey malt)
2 lbs - Lactose
2 oz - Mandarina Bavaria @ 5 min
Omega Kolsch II/WLP001/Wyeast 1056

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