In this episode, we had Macy Moore from HopFusion and Ned Steele from LUCK in studio to help us discuss infusing your beer with a variety of flavors while you serve it and we get back into the discussion of cooking with beer. You first met Macy back in episode 76 when we went on the road to their brewery. They’ve since become known for their regularly changing special infusions. You first met Ned way back in episode 56 when he and Jeff Dietzman came on the show to talk about LUCK and their beer inspired menus. They continue to be a favorite for craft beer and food lovers in the DFW area who enjoy their creativity with beer. Here, we tapped their experience and expertise to see what we could do to help you experiment with your beer at home. And to go with the subject of experimentation, we also had our first spice experiment beer back in studio to discuss as we get going.

To begin with, Brandon tells you all about how to NOT modify a keezer and Nigel brought in his Flavor Experiment beer, a Lemon Pepper IPA. He chose to go about as far away from his comfort zone as possible using two of his spice selections, lemongrass and the peppercorn blend. The recipe is included here: 

Nigel’s Lemon Pepper IPA
1.071 OG
1.012 FG

60 Minute Mash @ 152F

Ferment at room temp (74-80F)

9lb - Ireks Pale (51.4%)
3lb - Ireks Munich (17.1%)
1lb - Ireks C20 (5.7%)
1lb – Rye (5.7%)
1lb - Golden Naked Oats (5.7%)
1lb - Flaked Oats (5.7%)
1lb - Flaked Wheat (5.7%)
1lb - Flaked Rye (5.7%)

1oz - Nugget – 30 Mins (22 IBU)
1oz - Amarillo – 15 Mins (9 IBU)
1oz - Amarillo – 10 Mins (6 IBU)
2oz - Lemondrop – 5 Mins (5 IBU)
1oz - Saaz – 5 Mins (2 IBU)
2oz - Lemondrop – 0 Mins
1oz - Saaz – 0 Mins

1 Pack Omega Hothead Yeast

Dry Hop – 4 Days
2oz Lemongrass
1 oz 4 Peppercorn Blend
2 oz Lemondrop
2oz Saaz

Over the break, we had a bit of fun infusing beer with some surprise ingredients to keep Macy and Ned on their toes. Check out the video for details. Hopefully, they inspire you to try this at home without a helmet and the help of a trained professional.

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