In this episode, we revisit the British Golden Ale style with the results of an experiment Nigel and Greg did with developing a recipe based on all the beers we tried. Plus, we try a few beers from the Tennessee area and we get into a new in-shop competition to develop new kits with the many spices we have available. 

For our first golden ale experiment, Nigel and Greg made 20 gallons of the following recipe and chose to change one variable about each, the yeast. We tried Wyeast 1007 German Ale, Saflager 34/70, Omega British Ale I, and Saflager US-05. Our least favorite was the warm fermented (59F) 34/70 version, while the British Ale I and German Ale being the most popular in our various tastings. Yet all four were quite different as far as flavor, hop presence, and clarity goes. 

British Golden Ale Experiment #1
6 gals
OG: 1.048
FG: 1.009
Water Profile: West Yorkshire 
Mash Temp: 150

10 lbs - Pilsner
8 lbs   - Pale Ale
1 lb     - Flaked Barley
1 lb     - Corn Sugar
1 oz    - Hallertau Magnum @ 60
1 oz    - Centennial @ 15
1 oz    - Centennial @ 5
1 oz    - East Kent Goldings @ 5

Later in the show we drew spices and got the following results for everyone. Hopefully they inspire some great beers!

Chris - cinammon, cayenne, lime peel
Eric T - sweet orange peel, sage, pasilla chili powder
Stubby - honey powder, pink peppercorn, mulling spices
Greg - chipotle chili, super citraid orange peel, grapefruit peel
Nigel - cocoa nibs, lemongrass, 4 color peppercorn blend
Brandon - star anise, vanilla, cedar chips
Mikey - dried tart cherries, curry powder (hot or regular), sea salt
Jeremy - chicory root, tangerine peel, lemon juice powder (Mikey was given these afterward)
Cedric - Licorice root, bitter orange peel, lavender

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