In this episode, we start some new short segments, get into our second Malt-o-Rama topic with a focus on wheat malts--because there’s often some confusion between what’s available, what’s in a recipe, and what people really want when using wheat. Then we continue our Making Plans for Nigel discussion by answering more of the questions we had on our list from the last time. 

This episode starts with a few new items that we hope to include in each show for general brewing knowledge, then we step into our next segment on malt and get into wheat malts: white wheat, red wheat, torrified wheat, dark wheat, unmalted raw wheat, flaked wheat, smoked wheat, and roasted wheats like chocolate or midnight wheat. Several have specific uses, while others are almost interchangeable.  

 After our malt discussion, we revisit our Making Plans for Nigel discussion because we had so many questions to cover. Each of which are meant to help basic through advanced brewers.

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