Our next episode of Come and Brew It! is now ready!

In this episode, we wanted to give you a quick taste of what the Bluebonnet Brew-off is like. This homebrew competition is the largest single site homebrew competition in the country, and takes place over two days in North Texas every spring. We also share some comments with Mike Treadway and Sean Vreeland, the winners of Best of Show and more. These two brewers are very accomplished homebrewers and have several tips to help you make your beers better than ever. Finally we finish in a discussion with Pete Walden about his award winning streak of extract brews. There is sometimes a stigma associated with extract home brew beers but Pete's incredible results at the major homebrew competitions with extract beers will convince anyone to rethink their position. Pete works at the shop on the weekends and is always very eager to help any homebrewer with any extract questions.

We hope you enjoy it and thanks for watching!

Sincerely, The Staff